Alfresco's Kubernetes DBP with AWS EKS and Fargate for managing Pods

22nd January 2020

Hi AWS Fans.

On 3rd December 2019 AWS announced the general availability of Fargate for EKS ( That unburdens the need of managing the infrastructure for the pods. In this short article I will give a quick run through about how to tweak Alfresco's DBP charts to make them Fargate ready!

Alfresco's Kubernetes Deployment

Alfresco Kubernetes deployment or internally called the Alfresco DBP ( provides Kubernetes deployment. That deployment is managed by Helm which is basically a packaging tools for all the Kubernetes configuration files. Alfresco DBP deployment itself consists of subcharts. On of those subcharts is the alfresco-content-services chart ( which I will use to demonstrate the necessary changes for how to run pods in Fargate.

Make the Alfresco Content Services Chart Fargate Ready

The smart guys from AWS decided to use Namespaces as a separation for which pods should be managed by Fargate. So the chart needs to have the functionality to change the Namespace ...

Creating an EKS Cluster with Fargate support

The handy tool eksctl makes it an ease to create EKS cluster. describes how to create an EKS cluster together with Fargateprofiles. I used the config file method for describing the cluster.


Unlucky stateful workloads, which require persistent volumes are not supported. In the case of the Alfresco DBP that is limiting the number of pods which can be shifted into the Fargate namespace.


Using Fargate for managing the Pods is pretty awesome. I hope that I can do a cost calculation for comparing both ways of pods deploying. As well I hope that very soon AWS allows to mound a data volume like EFS.

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