Adrian Logan


I cannot recommend Martin Muller highly enough for his exceptional work in setting up our web application backend using the AWS CDK. Martin's expertise and efficiency have been instrumental in meeting project deadlines and ensuring a smooth deployment. The quality of his work is consistently top-notch, which gives me the utmost confidence in the final product. Additionally, Martin's ability to work quickly without sacrificing attention to detail has been invaluable to our team. His dedication and professionalism have made it a pleasure to collaborate with him, and I am confident that anyone who works with Martin will be similarly impressed by his talents.

Eric Amberg


Martin built the sophisticated AWS infrastructure for our online lab environments. Working with him was characterized by very good communication and a very fast implementation of the tasks set. Martin works very professionally and has great experience with AWS environments. He is able to quickly grasp the requirements and promptly develop solution approaches. His concepts are scalable and comply with best practices in cloud environments. Thanks to his support, we got a stable cloud environment for our HackLabs in a very short time, which we still use today.

AWS MVP/AI/Greenfield Agency README.md



  • My personal brand as an AWS/AI/MVP guy works well. However, I want to expand it further.
  • I already have a very good customer base and want to utilize it more through referrals, testimonials, and newsletters.
  • Being an AWS Community Builder and AWS Meetup leader also makes it easier for me to find new, well-paying clients.

Value Packages

I want to offer the following value packages in the following prioritised order:

  • Project-based with Milestones: The customer pays a deposit and after reaching the particular Milestone
  • Project-based with no Milestones: The customer pays a deposit and after finishing the project the rest.
  • Paid by hour
  • Maintenance contract: TBD.

Bonus package:

  • Skin in the game: We can negotiate shares of the product/company to lower the price and strengthen the commitment.



Through the many Lisbon meetups and boot camps where I help out, I have access to committed/promising engineers.

Requirements for potential employees

  • Feeling comfortable programming in TypeScript and Python. (In my opinion, the best MVP/Greenfield languages at the moment.)
  • Being self-organized.
  • Feeling comfortable to leverage new technologies like AI to improve productivity.
  • Being flexible in terms of working hours


  • Direct revenue sharing with employees. No annoying time tracking and more intensive productive work.
  • Full transparency, as far as customers allow.
  • Remote/Agile/Async setup with as few meetings as necessary. (Good tooling still needs to be found, but I already know many tools. Recommendations are welcome :))
  • Many great learnings as partial compensation.
  • Offsites for team building/strengthening.

Please give me your feedback on my project and contact me for potential collaborations :).

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