Martin Mueller Resume


Passionate Full Stack Developer. I like to have a broad collection of skills. From developing the backend and frontend applications written in Java, JavaScript, or any other language, to developing a cost-optimized cloud infrastructure solution. An enthusiastic agile player with strong communication skills. Looking for taking on new challenges and learning new technologies.

“What I don’t know, I will learn”


  • AWS Professional Solution Architect certified pic
  • AWS Community Builder
  • TypeScript, Java, JavaScript, Angular, React
  • AWS Lambda, EC2, CDK, DynamoDB and many more
  • Maven, Gradle, SQL, ElasticSearch
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Spring, GitHub (Actions), Travis, GitLab, BitBucket


AWS Community Builder
Mar 2022 - current

AWS Consultant
Nov 2020 - current

  • Helping startups into the AWS Cloud
  • Leveraging AWS CDK to manage AWS resources

Senior Cloud Architect -, GER
Jan 2022 - May 2022

  • Together with the customer building awesome AWS cloud solutions

Senior Software Engineer –, GER
Sep 2020 – Jan 2021

  • Working as an AWS Solution Architect to shift production workloads to AWS
  • Creating and Monitoring Docker applications in a DevOps manner

Senior Software Engineer –, GER
Feb 2020 – Aug 2020

  • Working as Alfresco Partner
  • Building Enterprise Content Management and Process Management solutions with and for the customer

Senior Software Engineer –, UK
Sep 2015 – Feb 2020

  • Changed to frontend team (since April 2019)
  • Helping out with backend task in e.g. Docker or AWS
  • Learning more about JS and Angular
  • Maintaining and adding new features to Angular application

Working in a Large Scale Scrum team

  • Two weeks sprints
  • Sprint reviews with stakeholders at the end of the sprint
  • Retrospective after each sprint

AWS deployment

  • AWS QuickStart with dockerized flavor
  • Maintaining / Enhancing ACS helm charts
  • ACS helm chart deployment on AWS EKS (involves EC2, S3, EBS, EKS, CFN, Lambda, SSM, EFS, RDS, AmazonMQ)
  • Writing Lambdas and Scripts with Python

Maintaining and enhancing ACS (Alfresco Content Service)

  • Working on bugs or new features

  • Following peer-review process

  • Using Jira to capture workflow

  • Developing test automation at unit, integration and functional level

  • Use / enhance Test Automation System for integration tests

  • Capturing manual tests with TestRail


Master Computer Science – Rostock, Germany
Oct 2009 – Feb 2015

  • Learning theoretical and practical software engineering skills
  • Specialisation in software development, databases and content management systems

Interests / Hobbies


  • I love exercising. Usually half an hour in the very early morning in the park and after work in the gym two or three days a week
  • It helps to have a clearer mind and for preventing body issues like back pain


  • As I like learning new IT skills or keeping up to date in the fast-changing IT world, I like to attend workshops or presentations organized with


  • As well I like to learn new human languages as well like Portuguese


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