Martin Mueller Resume


Passionate Full Stack Developer. I like to have a broad collection of skills. From developing the backend and frontend applications written in Java, JavaScript, or any other language, to developing a cost-optimized cloud infrastructure solution. An enthusiastic agile player with strong communication skills. Looking for taking on new challenges and learning new technologies.

“What I don’t know, I will learn”


  • AWS Professional Solution Architect certified pic Verification Link
  • AWS Community Builder
  • TypeScript, Java, JavaScript, Angular, React
  • AWS Lambda, EC2, CDK, DynamoDB and many more
  • Maven, Gradle, SQL, ElasticSearch
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Spring, GitHub (Actions), Travis, GitLab, BitBucket


Adrian Logan


I cannot recommend Martin Muller highly enough for his exceptional work in setting up our web application backend using the AWS CDK. Martin's expertise and efficiency have been instrumental in meeting project deadlines and ensuring a smooth deployment. The quality of his work is consistently top-notch, which gives me the utmost confidence in the final product. Additionally, Martin's ability to work quickly without sacrificing attention to detail has been invaluable to our team. His dedication and professionalism have made it a pleasure to collaborate with him, and I am confident that anyone who works with Martin will be similarly impressed by his talents.

Eric Amberg


Martin built the sophisticated AWS infrastructure for our online lab environments. Working with him was characterized by very good communication and a very fast implementation of the tasks set. Martin works very professionally and has great experience with AWS environments. He is able to quickly grasp the requirements and promptly develop solution approaches. His concepts are scalable and comply with best practices in cloud environments. Thanks to his support, we got a stable cloud environment for our HackLabs in a very short time, which we still use today.


AWS Community Builder
Mar 2022 - current

AWS Consultant
Nov 2020 - current

  • Helping startups into the AWS Cloud
  • Leveraging AWS CDK to manage AWS resources

Senior Cloud Architect -, GER
Jan 2022 - May 2022

  • Together with the customer building awesome AWS cloud solutions

Senior Software Engineer –, GER
Sep 2020 – Jan 2021

  • Working as an AWS Solution Architect to shift production workloads to AWS
  • Creating and Monitoring Docker applications in a DevOps manner

Senior Software Engineer –, GER
Feb 2020 – Aug 2020

  • Working as Alfresco Partner
  • Building Enterprise Content Management and Process Management solutions with and for the customer

Senior Software Engineer –, UK
Sep 2015 – Feb 2020

  • Changed to frontend team (since April 2019)
  • Helping out with backend task in e.g. Docker or AWS
  • Learning more about JS and Angular
  • Maintaining and adding new features to Angular application

Working in a Large Scale Scrum team

  • Two weeks sprints
  • Sprint reviews with stakeholders at the end of the sprint
  • Retrospective after each sprint

AWS deployment

  • AWS QuickStart with dockerized flavor
  • Maintaining / Enhancing ACS helm charts
  • ACS helm chart deployment on AWS EKS (involves EC2, S3, EBS, EKS, CFN, Lambda, SSM, EFS, RDS, AmazonMQ)
  • Writing Lambdas and Scripts with Python

Maintaining and enhancing ACS (Alfresco Content Service)

  • Working on bugs or new features

  • Following peer-review process

  • Using Jira to capture workflow

  • Developing test automation at unit, integration and functional level

  • Use / enhance Test Automation System for integration tests

  • Capturing manual tests with TestRail


Master Computer Science – Rostock, Germany
Oct 2009 – Feb 2015

  • Learning theoretical and practical software engineering skills
  • Specialisation in software development, databases and content management systems

Interests / Hobbies


  • I love exercising. Usually half an hour in the very early morning in the park and after work in the gym two or three days a week
  • It helps to have a clearer mind and for preventing body issues like back pain


  • As I like learning new IT skills or keeping up to date in the fast-changing IT world, I like to attend workshops or presentations organized with


  • As well I like to learn new human languages as well like Portuguese


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