Engineer your Future (EyF) - Working remotely at Serverless Guru with Lorenzo Hidalgo Gadea (#1)

June 19, 2024

In this episode of the AF podcast "Engineer Your Future," host Martin Müller, a software engineer, interviews Lorenzo Hidalgo Gadea from Serverless Guru at the AWS Summit in Madrid. Lorenzo shares insights about working remotely at Serverless Guru, focusing on serverless services and AWS consultancy. He discusses the company's hiring practices, emphasizing the importance of real-world experience over certifications, and details their interview process for new hires. Lorenzo also highlights Serverless Guru's commitment to creating valuable content for the community through live streams and talks.

Lorenzo Hidalgo Gadea (Guest)

Martin Mueller (Host)

Serverless Guru:

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Navigating the Job Market in the AWS Space
Tips, strategies, and insights to help engineers secure positions in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) field.

Balancing Faith and Engineering
Exploring how to integrate a religious life with a career in engineering, sharing personal stories and practical advice.

AWS-Related Charity Projects
Highlighting innovative charity projects involving AWS, showcasing the impactful work engineers are doing to make a difference.

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