My First Exciting Week at OBJECT

20th February 2020


In this article I briefly summarize the first week at OBJECT. For myself that has a couple of advantages. On one hand I practice writing articles and on the other hand it serves as a reflection on the previous days. As well for some of my family and friends it is hart to understand what I am doing in my dream profession as a Software Engineer. This kind of blog post may helps them to understand it better.

Day 1 Onboarding

It was originally planed that I should come to Zurich for onboarding. In short, onboarding usually means the company of the new employee makes you familiar with the hardware and the various software systems they are using, as well as the tasks you have to work on. At that time my wife was pregnant and I didn't wanted to let her alone.

I was very happy when OBJECT offered me to do the onboarding in Hamburg. I love Hamburg because it is a beautiful city surrounded by water. In the article picture you can see the Church of St. Jacobi in Hamburg, which I noticed immediately on the way to the onboarding location. I was given three exciting main tasks. I can only write about these in very rough details.

The first task is that I have my own project together with another partner. This project is about an exciting Alfresco deployment. In this deployment, ACS (Alfresco Content Service) and APS (Alfresco Process Service) should run together. It is super exciting that I am allowed to combine Alfresco's ECM and BPM products.

The second project is about developing a prototype for discovering sensitive data. For that we also would like to create a beautiful ADF app. In this project, my own knowledge gained with Docker and ADF will be very useful.

In the third and for me most exciting project it is about that OBJECT would like to be more in the social media world. That would go from platforms like Xing, LinkedIN to YouTube videos. Again, I have a great interest based on my knowledge of Alfresco and my existing social media skills, which can be improved though.

For this day I can say that it was challenging, but also very productive and great. I am very happy that OBJECT has big plans for me.

Day 2 Project Launch

My great Brazilian colleague, also called Amigo by me, took the time to give me an overview about the current ACS 5.2 deployment. I devoured all the details and asked him a lot of questions. It took us about two hours. The most impressive fact was that the designing process for this deployment. I already have a few interesting ideas on how to improve the deployment in terms of maintainability, security and reliability.

Day 3 Developer Meeting

On Wednesday, and thus the third day, we had an approximately one hour meeting with all developers at OBJECT. In this round all of my developer colleagues summarized in short on what exciting tasks they are working on. In order to better digest this flood on information, I decided to write it down in my notepad. The introduction round was very nice and I think I left a first good impression of myself. I hope that I can soon work together with one or the other colleague because I feel I can learn a lot from them.

I spent the rest of the day to learn more about the deployment I mentioned in the chapter before. I also made ready an improvement proposal for that deployment and I am excited to hear what they will think of it.

Day 4 Inspirational Conversation

Today on Thursday I had a super interesting and inspiring conversation with one of our partners. This is in the area of ​​AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the partner founded that company. Alfresco's Content Management System is just one of many platforms where that AI can extract valuable information. I was impressed as the founder told about the product with so much passion.

My goal is to develop a prototype based on ADF in the next few weeks, which the using the AI capabilities I spoke of. I will use ADF for the prototype. As mentioned in the Blog Post I love this framework. My idea is to include Alfresco's ADF app with the name ACA as the base for the prototype. It might could be a cool idea to write an Artikel about that app too.

Day 5 AI Magic

When I started writing this article, I certainly didn't think that AI would become such an important part of this post. I am very interested in AI and today on Friday I got a cool life demonstration about an AI system that uses Alfresco's Content Management System as a data source to extract extremely interesting information. The system also warns the user if something suspicious happens.

I find it impressive that a simple ACS Community version without any customization was sufficient. This demonstration gave me a good picture of how the ADF app should look like. On Monday I will start making small sketches of the prototype.


The first week was intense with lots of new information. I was positively surprised that quite a lot colleagues seek my help regarding Alfresco stuff. I see very ambitioned and forward looking into the future from myself together with OBJECT.

To the wonderful readers of this article I'm saying that feedback of any kind is welcome. In the future I will try to include a discussion and comment feature here. In the meantime, please feel free to send me feedback via my social media accounts such as Twitter or FaceBook. Thank you very much :).

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