Newsletter 2022 week 19

15th May 2022

In this weekly newsletter, I write a summary of posts that got my attention during the week. I center around topics AWS, DevOps, Architecture, AWS CDK, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and much more.

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Simple Leave Management System with AWS Serverless

Constructing a workflow like the explained simple leave management with AWS Step Functions is so cool. Furthermore, the recently released AWS SDK service integrations makes it fun to define such.

Thanks a lot to the author Pubudu Jayawardana

AWS open-source news and updates, #112

And again a nice weekly summary. My highlight is the aws-dataall as it looks super interesting for sharing ML data company internally and event externally mhh. Lots to think about here. But as always there is tons of other gold so you have to explore that!

Thanks again to the author Ricardo Sueiras. I hope you enjoyed the Summit in Berlin ^^. Next time count me in!

Simple Serverless Scheduler

A cool article for how to solve an interesting business case like when a user cancels their subscription but still needs to have access until the end of the paying period time. The author compared different possible solutions for how to implement such a serverless scheduler.

Thanks a lot to the author Pawel Zubkiewicz

Debugging AWS Step Functions executions with the new console experience

The capability that you can debug Step Functions became super important to me and this article is great to learn more about it. The new debug AWS Console experience for Step Functions looks super exciting. Can't wait to try it myself!

Thanks a lot to the author Benjamin Smith.

Serverless Threat Modelling Part 2 :rocket:

A nice top-down post on serverless threat modeling.

Thanks a lot to the author Lee James Gilmore

Architectural Patterns

Nice roundup of the architectural patterns Monolith Architecture, N-tier Architecture, Service-oriented Architecture, Message-based Architecture, Microservice-based Architecture, Reactive Architecture, and Serverless Architecture.

Thanks a lot to the author dev0928

Redshift vs Athena

Interesting discussion about AWS Redshift vs Athena. Athena seems to keep the costs low as it is serverless but it would be rather slow when you need a quick answering kind of API.

3 Reasons You Should Stay Away From AWS Step Functions

Very nice deep dive into AWS Step Functions. It is so cool that the author describes some problems and how to solve them from a view as a Step Functions Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Nice idea! Must read!

Thanks a lot to the author Allen Helton

Annahita Esmailzadeh: „Ich entspreche nicht dem Stereotyp eines IT-lers“

Super interesting talk about fewer women in IT and how hard it is for women to be acknowledged in the IT area. Unlucky it is in German but you can use a translation service :).

Thanks a lot to the author Andreas Weck

On DevOps: 1. What It Is

Interesting discussion about DevOps and DevOps Culture. Like what it is and more. As well as in this context what does leadership mean.

Thanks a lot to the author Tiexin Guo

Starter Guide & “Things I wish I knew before” for AWS Lambda

A nice deep dive into AWS Lambda regarding pricing, when to use it, limitations and much more. It even tackles the cold start problem and gives good advice on how to minimize that burden. Super cool!

Thanks a lot to the author Tobias Schmidt

Automating machine learning lifecycle with AWS

A very broad listing of useful AWS services related to machine learning. Though I don't believe that it shall only take 11 minutes to read :D !!

Thanks a lot to the author Robert John

Shortcut for AWS CDK credentials: insanely simple setup for SSO, SAML, and named profiles

An interesting post on how to use SSO SAML and named Profiles for AWS CDK deployments. TBH I never used CDK deploy --profile $PROFILE_NAME but yeah if I have to this article explains it in very good detail.

Thanks a lot to the author Alessandro Gaggia

How to get remote software developer jobs in 2022 | high paying | international | remote job

Contains very good tips for how to get a remote developer job.

Thanks a lot to the author Learn And Grow Everyday

Securing AWS Lambda function URLs

Nice roundup about what are vulnerabilities from AWS Lambda Function Urls

Thanks a lot to the author Amitai Cohen

AWS Security Best Practices with Crowd Sentry

A nice short summary about some AWS Security Best Practices and how to keep those.

Thanks a lot to the author Mike Wade


An Open Source CDK Community project which I find super interesting. It is doing cherry-picking from AWS Amplify UI and AWS CDK for deployment. I do that in my private projects as well for example I think the author could enhance/simplify its repo even more by using for the project setup.

Thanks a lot to the author Thomas Rooney

Securely Use Secrets In Your AWS CDK Deployed Lambda Function

Explains how to use AWS Secrets Manager for storing secrets related to your CDK deployments. And the example is written in Python :).

Thanks a lot to the author Wesley Cheek

How Pair Programming Helps The Team

I find the topic of pair programming super interesting. I never had the opportunity to do that but I will change that! This article is a very good roundup of why pair programming is nice. As well it gives details on how to do pair programming.

Thanks a lot to the author Michael Rosario

How to become a good developer?

Speaks to the bottom of my heart.

Thanks a lot to the author MD Sarfaraj

Serverless apps: Why IaC should be the direction

A nice article on why to use Infrastructure as Code (IAC).

Thanks a lot to the author Jones Zachariah Noel N

Final Words

Thank you to the authors of those amazing posts. And thank you to the readers of the newsletter. When you like this format or know how to improve it please let me know :). Let's Build!

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