Newsletter 2022 week 24

June 19, 2022

In this weekly newsletter, I write a summary of posts that got my attention during the week. I center around topics AWS, DevOps, Architecture, AWS CDK, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and much more.

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Getting intimate with CI/CD and CI/CD Pipeline

It is about one of my favorite topics CI/CD Pipeline. The author explains Continuous Integration CI and Continuous Deployment CD. After that, the usual phases Source, Build, Test and Deploy are explained. As a desert, the author explains pipeline principles and best practices.

Thanks a lot to the author Warda Liaqat

A day in the life of a Cloud Consultant

In this article, the author explains the day of a cloud consultant. The author does that by describing a scenario where the CDK synth isn't working anymore. Of course, as a cloud consultant, there is much more to it. But it is cool how the author gives us this little insight from the life as a cloud consultant :).

Thanks a lot to the author Yvo van Zee

Choosing a packaging mechanism for Java-based AWS Lambda functions

Interesting article on how to package Java-based AWS Lambda. Basically, it is leveraging the Docker Lambda flavor. That is a very good idea! I personally don't use Java for Lambda or AWS CDK but I know a lot do and for them, this article seems interesting :)!

Thanks a lot to the author Maximilian Schellhorn

Resolving Bottlenecks of Lambda Triggered By Kinesis — Part 2: Lambda Compute

Interesting article about how to monitor Kinesis and Lambda to observe and eventually resolve bottlenecks. The author as well explains some concrete measurements like increasing the Lambda memory or the number of parallel running Lambdas.

Thanks a lot to the author Sarah Hamilton

AWS Storage Gateway - Hybrid Cloud Storage

I didn't work with AWS Storage Gateway so far so it is super nice to read about it. I find the described use cases interesting and I might consider using them when I encounter similar use cases :).

Thanks a lot to the author Shashank Abhishek

Creating serverless GraphQL APIs from RDS databases with AWS AppSync and PostGraphile

Very interesting article on how you can create a GraphQL API from RDS with AWS AppSync and PostGraphile. With that, you wouldn't need to write your own API like with API Gateway and can just leverage a GraphQL API which comes already with a lot of cool features like Queries, Mutations and Subscription. Super interesting!

Thanks a lot to the author Brice Pellé.

6 tips to improve your logic in coding

Nice tips about how to improve coding. My favorite one is number 5 "Consistency rather than motivation".

Thanks a lot to the author MOHITBILALA

What is a Quantum Ledger Database?

Nice deep dive into what a quantum ledger database is and why you need it. Most amazing I find how the ledger database ensures the integrity of the transactions.

Thanks a lot to the author Maurice Borgmeier

A 12-step guide to AWS cost optimization

Has many useful tips for how to reduce costs. My favorite ones are monitoring and defining KPIs.

Thanks a lot to the author Steven Williamson

Review: App Runner - Simply containers on AWS

An article about AWS App Runner. I didn't have the opportunity to work with App Runner so far so it is nice to see such a comprehensive article.

Thanks a lot to the author Andreas Wittig

6 ways you should show up as a leader during uncertain times

Must read. Super nice tips for how to lead your team. I would perhaps add to celebrate fails as well :). As long as we learn from failures we should celebrate them :).

Thanks a lot to the author Ankita Kulkarni

WebAssembly - Docker killer?

Uhh. I mean for a while I am interested in the WebAssembly area. Point 7 with moving to compute to data really got me thinking. That is super exciting!

Thanks a lot to the author Ahmad

Open Source Projects

In this section, I list Open Source projects I find super interesting!

The CDK Lightbox

The amazing Matthew Bonig started The CDK Lightbox which is an awesome tool to visualize your CDK applications. It incorporates perfectly the CDK paradigm with the composable pattern. It seems to gain a lot attraction from the CDK community already as the number of Issues and likes are on the rise. I am super excited to see where this project goes to and I encourage you to check it out!

Final Words

Thank you to the authors of those amazing posts. And thank you to the readers of the newsletter. When you like this format or know how to improve it please let me know :). Let's Build!

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