Newsletter 2022 week 26

July 3, 2022

Hello friends.

Another week passed by! My highlights of the week were the German CDK Happy Hour Meetup on Wednesday where an AWS CDK project was presented which leverages AWS ECS with Blue/Green deployments. That is super exciting as that is not natively supported by ECS CloudFormation at all. Another highlight was that I helped a friend move house and carrying furniture around like that is a good workout :).

In this weekly newsletter, I write a summary of posts that got my attention during the week. I center around topics AWS, DevOps, Architecture, AWS CDK, Serverless, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and much more.

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Nobody talks about this in the IT world

An article about imposter syndrome. It is so important to speak about it more in our area. I personally never felt affected by it but I would love to help persons who do. In the discussion the community gives nice tips how to overcome the imposter syndrome.

Thanks a lot to the author Maria Antonella :butterfly:

Why developers must start blogging and how to start?

Obviously, I totally agree with that developers must start blogging. The author adds good explanation why writing blogs about your work as a developer is useful. For me it was super hard to start with but it started to getting easier and now I love it! I would like to add that it helps to increase your language skills.

Thanks a lot to the author Tapas Adhikary

Setting up a CI/CD Pipeline for AWS Fargate using Github Actions - NodeJS version (Including creation of Infrastructure using AWS CDK)

Nice in deep article about how to setup AWS ECS with Fargate with AWS CDK. That topic can be qutie difficult so it is nice to have articles like this one to help you with.

Thanks a lot to the author Mugilan Ragupathi

Large object storage strategies for Amazon DynamoDB

Article about storing large object as reference in AWS DynamoDB.

Thanks a lot to the author Josh Hart

What Is Serverless Enablement And Why Is It Important?

Super interesting article about serverless. The author is explaining why serverless is useful and how you can start with it.

Thanks a lot to the author Allen Helton

The Pros and Cons of AWS Lambda Function URLs

Interesting pros and cons about the new-ish AWS Lambda Function Url.

Thanks a lot to the author Ben Brazier

Introducing the new AWS Step Functions Workflows Collection

Oh boy, how cool is that? Workflow collections to show best practices examples for AWS Step Functions. And you even can submit your workflows. Fantastic!

Thanks a lot to the author Benjamin Smith

The AWS CDK, Or Why I Stopped Being a CDK Skeptic

A nice summary about AWS CDK and a cool story for how and why from switching from YAML to a programming language for defining infrastructure. But as well it has some valid AWS CDK cons

Thanks a lot to the author Maciej Radzikowski

Better dev experience starts from a proper document

Provide good tips on how to create proper documentation for your code projects.

Thanks a lot to the author Jennie

Final Words

Thank you to the authors of those amazing posts. And thank you to the readers of the newsletter. When you like this format or know how to improve it please let me know :). Let's Build!

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