Newsletter 2022 week 27

10th July 2022

This week was crazy exciting. On Thursday I took the train to Munich for attending to an AWS Meetup and visit a client and friend. Both events were super empowering and in times like this, I feel very grateful and thankful to work in this area.

In this weekly newsletter, I write a summary of posts that got my attention during the week. I center around topics AWS, DevOps, Architecture, AWS CDK, Serverless, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and much more.

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What Made GoLang So Popular? The Language’s Creators Look Back

An interesting history telling about GoLang and how it became so popular. TBH, I didn't work much with GoLang so far so it is hard for me to see the gold. If you have a project with GoLang and need some help, let me know :)!

Thanks a lot to the author DAVID CASSEL

How to Use Feature Flags

Why and how you can use feature flags. A very appealing part for feature flags, I find the possibility to roll the feature out to production but disable it quickly if it is causing problems. As well in combination with A/B Testing feature flags can be used to roll out the changes only to a part of the customers.

Thanks a lot to the author Ben Brazier

GitHub Copilot and Open Source: A Love Story That Won’t End Well?

There are currently a lot of hot topics around GitHub Copilot. This article summarizes the problem very well. TBH I for myself don't have a strong position. On one hand, I like GitHub as a Git provider with super nice extra features. On the other hand, violating the taking code from a developer who didn't agree to that is awful. The conclusion from the author is nice and makes sense to me.

Thanks a lot to the author SASHA MEDVEDOVSKY

Implementing CUDOS for an Enterprise - Part 2: Filtering Data using Row Level Security

A comprehensive article about AWS QuickSight and how to manage your QuickSight user in groups to allow them access to the QuickSight resources. It feels like good QuickSight articles or information are rarely so it is super valuable to have articles like this one.

Thanks a lot to the author Mike Graff

Building an open-source company in public

Uh, that is super attractive. Building a complete open-source company. I super like that idea. Being an open-source would include sharing the salary

Thanks a lot to the author Tomer Barnea

Cloud and the shared responsibility model misconceptions

The author explains some misconceptions which can occur when a user starts to use a cloud provider.

Thanks a lot to the author Eyal Estrin

Open-Source contribution, a beginner's guide (in 2 minutes)

A nice short intro to GitHub. I personally love working with GitHub.

Thanks a lot to the author mohsen

RDS Aurora Cost Comparison

A super interesting discussion about costs with AWS RDS Aurora. The general approach seems to be more bottom-up-ish with just trying it out and experiencing the costs.

Learn to code with these 5 proven learning strategies

Some very good tips for how to improve coding and learning in general. Must read!

Thanks a lot to the author Hunter Johnson

Open Source Projects

In this section, I list Open Source projects I find super interesting!


An amazing new-ish project from the AWS folks with some very sophisticated AWS CDK and Projen constructs. In special the stack-website construct is super mind-blowing and I could find a lot of gold to grab for my own projects. I recommend keeping that on your radar! Thank you so much!

Final Words

Thank you to the authors of those amazing posts. And thank you to the readers of the newsletter. When you like this format or know how to improve it please let me know :). Let's Build!

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