Newsletter 2022 week 30

31st July 2022

This week was tough as it was my last week at Monada. It was a great time working with great engineers and I am super excited to follow the future development of Monada :).

In this weekly newsletter, I write a summary of posts that got my attention during the week. I center around topics AWS, DevOps, Architecture, AWS CDK, Serverless, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and much more.

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Accessibility Check #1

The author Julia tells about her first experience with accessibility checking. It seems quite convenient to check the website using the article mentioned DevTool extension.

Storage-First Serverless Solutions :rocket:

A cool article about how to build a modern asynchronous API with the storage-first approach where the request is saved in the storage to optionally play it again in the case of further processing fails. The author describes a simple example and provides a lot of useful Lambda and AWS CDK code. Great article!!

Thanks a lot to the author Lee James Gilmore

Increase Your Coding Productivity with Amazon CodeWhisperer

If you are using Python or JavaScript for your business logic give Amazon CodeWhisperer a try. It seems super worthwhile!

Thanks a lot to the author Vaibhav Malpani

Introduction to AWS Step Functions

That is a nice overview of AWS Step Functions. The author explains when to use it and what are the main features.

Thanks a lot to the author Avik Kundu

How to Automate REST API Security Testing

Introduces some interesting tools for automated REST API security testing.

Thanks a lot to the author Intesar Shannan Mohammed

DevOps Toolchain for Beginners

A super nice in-depth article about useful toolchains for developers. A must-read if you are new to the DevOps space!

Thanks a lot to the author Vishnu Vasudevan

Introduction of Facade Pattern in Javascript

A nice and tight article explaining the Facade pattern with a JavaScript example.

Thanks a lot to the author Yohanes Setiawan

How do you/company deal with secrets on ci/cd?

Interesting Reddit discussion on how to deal with secrets on CI/CD. I'll favor AWS SecretsManager for staying in the tool space I already use.

Serverless Diary: How to Increase Agility with Feature Toggles — Classical Approach

Interesting article on how you could implement feature toggles or flags in a serverless environment. Lists as well pros and cons when using the feature flags as part of AWS Lambda.

Thanks a lot to the author Anuj Kothiyal

Solutions Architect Tips - How to Design Applications For Growth

A nice top-down article on how to design your application for growth.

Thanks a lot to the author Allen Helton

7 Best Tips For Web Developers

Some super cool tips for web developers. In the comment section are some more cool and useful tips :).

Thanks a lot to the author simc dev CSM® and the commenters.

What is Continuous Cloud Compliance?

Compliance in the cloud is super interesting. This article explains the different kinds of compliance standards. Furthermore, the author drafts the motivation behind cloud compliance.

Thanks a lot to the author Kennedy Torkura

Final Words

Thank you to the authors of those amazing posts. And thank you to the readers of the newsletter. When you like this format or know how to improve it please let me know :). Let's Build!

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