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Prowler is a cli tool for performing and consulting AWS Security Assessment, Auditing, Hardening, Cost Saving and Incident Response. With more than 180 checks, Prowler provides the most comprehensive security checks offering for AWS. Easily deploy it with the Prowler AMI or checkout the product video:

Prowler Video (Click me :D)

AWS Community Builder

2022 I was elected to an AWS Community Builder. It is really cool as I have the privilege to meet a lot of like-minded diverse builder <3. Let' Build!

AWS APN Partner

I became an AWS APN Partner. An AWS APN Partner helps customers to find AWS solutions such like migrating to the cloud. You can read more about the APN programm here.

I am an certified AWS Professional Solution Architekt with many years of Cloud experience. With the following AWS technologies I worked most with:

  • AWS CDK / CloudFormation / CodePipeline
  • AWS EC2 / Lambda / EKS
  • AWS S3 / EBS / EFS
  • AWS StepFunctions

If you are interested in my services find write me:

Alfresco as a Platform

I work on an Alfresco as a Platform solution to simplify the deployments of Alfresco a lot. In fact you don't need to deploy anything anymore and just can use created Alfresco instances.

If you want to know more have a look at my Alfresco Provisioner Post. I'm happy to create an test account for you!

Happy Bootcamp in Germany (Ludwigslust)

I lead a bootcamp every Saturday and Sunday at 9 o'clock for group exercising. Sounds interesting?

Check out Ludwigslust Happy Bootcamp!

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