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AWS CDK Apps deployed with Lambda

11th July 2020

Ahoy AWS CDK Fans Creating any number of Ec2 instances with a Lambda is no problem. But if you want to create more complex deployments such as LoadBalancer, Securitygroups, Scalingroups, etc. with a Lambda that is tricky! CDK Apps are a good choice…

AWS CDK Api Gateway with Swagger

5th April 2020

Ahoi AWS'ler and Swagger fans In the last post I showed how AWS CDK can be used as a welcome alternative to YAML for describing your cloud infrastructure. Working on my CDK project from I encountered a problem handling Swagger files. But first I want…

AWS CDK Tutorial with Travis Deployment

29th March 2020

Ahoy AWS folks For a private project I have been working on an AWS CDK example in the past few days. AWS offers a range of great AWS CDK examples. The experience I had was so good that I decided to write a blog post about it. I was fortunate to work…