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Create a Next.js Server Component S3 Picture Uploader with SST

3rd January 2024

I recently started exploring SST as an alternative to my favorite full-stack set consisting of Projen, AWS CDK, and React. I have been thoroughly impressed with the experience so far. In this article, I will demonstrate how to create a Next.js App…

Create your Prototype or MVP with the T3 Stack

5th April 2023

What is a Prototype? A prototype is a preliminary version of a product, often used for testing and validation purposes. It allows you to experiment with different ideas and get feedback from users before investing significant time and resources into…

Chat Indexing with Chatsindex.com

21st March 2023

Would you like to grow your chat community? Chatsindex.com indexes chat messages and make them searchable for search engines like Google. Well, will be as this is still a prototype! Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is ensured that the…