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Build an ADF App from Scratch

1st March 2020

Good day As mentioned in the previous Blog Post, I am working on an exciting AI prototype which uses ACS Community as a content management system. In addition, certain AI services are running and performing certain AI actions using the ACS interface…

My First Exciting Week at OBJECT

20th February 2020

Hello. In this article I briefly summarize the first week at OBJECT. For myself that has a couple of advantages. On one hand I practice writing articles and on the other hand it serves as a reflection on the previous days. As well for some of my…

From Alfresco to OBJECT

9th February 2020

Dear reader. I am happy to announce that I will switch to OBJECT on February 14th. This is a partner company of my current company Alfresco. OBJECT mainly operates in the German and Swiss ECM (Enterprise Content Management) market. Below I list my…