Alfresco Virtual Hack-a-thon May 2020 Summary

15th May 2020

Hi Alfhackas.

The Alfresco hack-a-thon was great. What I liked most were the personal conversations with many great ex-colleagues and other Alfresco folks. In addition, I was able to learn valuable information about planned projects within Alfresco. For example, I am very excited to see where Digital Workspace, the beautiful webapp for ACS Enterprise, will develop. Very soon it will get UI elements to display APS elements like tasks and processes. I was also advised that as an Alfresco partner I could get access to the Digital Workspace Repository, which I gratefully will do.

Lets Encrypt

My project for the Hack-a-thon was to give the Docker Alfresco Installer a Docker extension, which would enable Lets Encrypt to use authorized certificates for the HTTPS connection. Even the extension would manage the entire life cycle of the certificate. I haven't completely finished with it, but I was able to implement a good bit and I'm guaranteed to finish it this weekend.


Many thanks to the organizers of the Alfresco Hack-a-thon and to the great Alfresco community. I will definitely be back at the next Hack-a-thon. Cheers.

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