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AI Software Development with Ninox and arcBot

14th February 2024

AI is boosting the corporate landscape. Many simple and complex processes in companies can be greatly simplified or even completely automated using AI. Jakob, my co-founder, and I see it as an exciting challenge to simplify access to AI for small and…

How to Perform Unit Testing on your AWS Bedrock AI Lambda

30th December 2023

Using the AWS Bedrock API for MVPs is incredibly enjoyable! I recently wrote an article on how you can make the LLM Claude respond in JSON. You can check it out here. While it's a lot of fun, testing your LLM settings and prompts can become tiresome…

DRAFTING !!! How to become or stay a successful software engineer in the age of AI

29th December 2023

How to become or stay a successful software engineer in the age of AI. I learned a lot in the last 10 years as a software engineer. From finishing my Master degree in Computer Science until now. In the next sections I'll list my achievements and tell…

Automatically validate your AWS Bedrock LLM Responses

18th December 2023

Validating the response from your Language Learning Model (LLM) is a critical step in the development process. It ensures that the response is in the correct format and contains the expected data. Manual evaluation can quickly become tiresome…

AWS Bedrock Claude 2.1 - Return only JSON

7th December 2023

Working with the AWS Bedrock API is an exhilarating experience! I came across an interesting business case where I needed to develop an AI MVP. The MVP generates JSON data based on a prompt and utilizes the anthropic.claude-v2:1 model in AWS Bedrock…

Build an ADF App from Scratch

1st March 2020

Good day As mentioned in the previous Blog Post, I am working on an exciting AI prototype which uses ACS Community as a content management system. In addition, certain AI services are running and performing certain AI actions using the ACS interface…