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AWS QuickSight DataSet and DataSource CDK Custom Constructs

6th May 2021

Hi. In my previous blog posts I showed how to generate analytics from DynamoDB table using AWS QuickSight. Unfortunately, QuickSight is only minimally supported by Cloudformation and QuickSight's DataSource and DataSet are only on the roadmap so far…

AWS DynamoDB Analysis with QuickSight and AWS CDK - Quite big Tables

21st April 2021

Hi. In my last blogpost, I covered exciting work with AWS Athena and AWS QuickSight. If you want to do analytics from small AWS DynamoDB tables, everything should work smoothly. By small I mean a relatively small number of columns in the table. It…

AWS DynamoDB Analysis with QuickSight and AWS CDK

8th April 2021

Hi. AWS DynamoDB is an extremely performant and scalable NoSQL database. Due to the lack of a schema, data, called items in DynamoDb, can be extremely flexible. This also allows a kind of evolutionary development of the items by simply creating new…