Optimised Fasting

28th November 2020

Hi Low Carber :)

In the last few months I have successfully lost a lot of weight with Optimised Fasting. Per week I have lost about 500 grams, that is half a kilo. I have already gained a lot of experience with fasting like water fasting. Optimised Fasting is a variation of water fasting. Since this diet works so successfully for me, I wanted to introduce it to you.


You should only try this diet if you have some experience with low carb or even ketosis. Low carb means a massive reduction in the intake of any kind of sugar. The human being has essentially two metabolisms to produce energy. One is the sugar metabolism and the other is the fat metabolism. In sugar metabolism, the body primarily uses sugar to produce energy and in fat metabolism, the body primarily uses fat.

However, if the fat metabolism is hardly used, it atrophies or is never properly developed. With the Optimised Fasting we need a strongly trained fat metabolism, otherwise the two days of fasting can be physically and mentally difficult, because the body longs for sugar and has never learned to deal with its own body fat through fat metabolism. So it would be a bit like jumping into cold water. Side effects can then be headaches and extreme hunger.

So if you think you don't have a well developed fat metabolism, I recommend to try a low carb diet and to experience a day of water fasting at the weekend. Here is still an older post of me over the water chamfered which I can recommend you warmly.

In the next sections I would like to tell you more about my new diet form of the Optimised Fasting. With this it concerns primarily to decrease over many weeks continuously with minimum expenditure.

Optimised Fasting instructions

Optimised Fasting consists of approx. 2 days long water fasting. Around the training it is allowed to add vitamins, salts and minimal proteins. By the supply of protein before and after the training, an anabolic signal for the body is virtually released, which helps to carry out the training better and above all more intensive.

The amount of protein must not be too high, otherwise the digestive system is stressed too much and this becomes a hindrance to training. About 25g before and after training should be enough.

The vitamins are generally important for humans to maintain the body functions. The body can store little or no salt in the body and therefore it is necessary to replenish salt during fasting. The easiest way to do this is to consume a food with a high salt content.

An exact example of the foods I eat before and after training is listed in the next chapter.

The goal is to continue fasting until you have reached 500 grams less than last week. For me this was always the third day, the day after the two days of Optimised Fasting. When I have reached 500 grams, I always make a picture of the dare with my smartphone. So I know then how many KG I want to reach next week.

Optimised Fasting Example

I work as a software developer for 4 days a week. So from Monday to Thursday. Therefore I start the Optimised Fasting already on Thursday. Wednesday evening is the last time I eat something.

Already on Wednesday I reduce food with high sugar content. I then mainly eat only protein and fat. This helps me to prepare my fat metabolism for the next 2 days of fasting and makes it easier to start.

Thursday and Friday we fast and only eat a little something for my morning training.

Before the Training

I make myself a green tea with a hot chilli sauce and pressed lemon juice. I hope that this will have a stimulating effect and burn more calories due to the increased caffeine content and spicy substances in the chili. Afterwards it goes to the training.

My training in the morning is broad and very varied. Depending on my body condition I do some strength training, endurance training or a short high intensity training. Warming up and subsequent stretching is also part of my training program. If you want to know more about my training, let me know :).

After the Training

I eat a small bowl full of nuts (walnut, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nut), Omega 3 and vitamin D capsules, a piece of black chocolate, gummi bears (about 8) and two eggs. In the cover picture you can also see this meal. If you are wondering why the gummi bears. They contain a lot of gelatine which is a healthy and important protein for the body. They are also delicious and the sugar in them is too little to get me out of ketosis.

What I find so great about Optimised Fasting

Any diet is only successful if it is easy to implement and Optimised Fasting is very easy to implement. It must be fasted only two days and on the remaining days one can eat as one would like. There is no need for time-consuming preparation of meals, because you are fasting.

When water fasting, I have always been annoyed by drinking a lot of salt water. By Optimised Fasting enough salt can be supplied to the body by the snack after training. It is then no longer necessary to drink extra salt in the form of salt water.

I also find it cool that the 500 grams I reach every weekend is a very reliable value, since my bowels are mostly empty after two days of fasting and the water, which was caused by sugar deposits in the muscles, is out. Thus I am subject to fewer water fluctuations during the weight admission after the second chamfering day.

Simplified Entrance

The implementation of my previous Optimised Fasting was very easy for me because I am used to fasting and I generally eat low carb. I am also very disciplined when it comes to sports and I usually do short and crisp workouts in the morning and evening. But I can imagine that you might find it a bit harder to get started.

For this case I have thought of a simplified variant. Start the first two weeks with an Optimised Fasting Day. This gives your body the opportunity to get used to the fasting slowly. Maybe one fasting day is enough for you and the next day you have already lost 500 grams of weight compared to last week. That would be great :).


Optimised Fasting is an easy way to lose weight continuously. It is extremely easy to implement since only about two days must be chamfered and in the remaining week you can eat what you want. No annoying preparation of the meals. No counting the calories.

If fasting or low carb in general is something for you, I can only recommend you to try this kind of weight reduction. Write me your experiences. I am very curious :) !

To the wonderful readers of this article I'm saying that feedback of any kind is welcome. In the future I will try to include a discussion and comment feature here. In the meantime, please feel free to send me feedback via my social media accounts such as Twitter or FaceBook. Thank you very much :).

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