December 8, 2020

A warm welcome,

As we are now approaching the end of 2020, I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude. For this I would like to dedicate a whole blog post :). Even if it was different for many, for us 2020 was the best year as a family. Why this is so, you will find out when you read the whole post.

In the next sections I list my thanks chronologically by my life.


The first and greatest thanks goes to God. He is merciful and generous. He has blessed me with a healthy mind and body, which is by no means for granted. He has accompanied me on my path of life and saved me from greater harm.

Thank you God and I humbly ask you to continue to watch over me and especially over my family, friends and humanity. Just saying thanks is not enough for me! In 2021 I would like to become more involved in your church.

Even if it is not always easy, you give me the strength to do so. I want to thank you my God.


Many thanks also to my mom and dad. They are two incredibly great people. And above all they are kindhearted. They have given me great values. My childhood as an outsider was certainly not easy, but with the help and affection of my family it was no problem to get through this relatively difficult time of my life.

I would especially like to thank my mother, who was instrumental in my development. For her, education has always been a top priority for me and my brother. I am extremely grateful to her for this, because without this high value I might never have found my dream job as a software developer.

She is a kind and strong woman. I think this has influenced me in the choice of my wife who is also kind and strong. Thanks a lot mom and dad.


For the thanks to my wife. I don't know where to begin. I have so much to be grateful for when it comes to my wife. I got to know her in England. I was there for almost two years. After an internship at Alfresco, I got a permanent position there and decided to stay in England for a longer.

My wife was in England for almost a year. She is from Brazil and was eager to get to know England. When we met we immediately had a connection. Love at first sight!

Then everything went relatively quickly. We moved into an apartment together and got engaged only a few months after. Since then we have been together for 3 wonderful years. Our relationship is very harmonious and I am looking forward to the many years ahead of us.

Many thanks to my beautiful, smart and wonderful wife, for always being at my side and walking through the adventure of life with me. I don't want to be a day without you anymore. And also many thanks that you are such a great mother. Our daughter is so lucky that she has such a great mommy.


A special thanks goes to my daughter. She is not yet able to understand this text. Let's see, maybe this blog still exists, if she can and she is perhaps happy about it. Anyway I am very proud and happy to be your father.

You give me your trust every day and I accept this precious gift every day and promise to always act for your best. Thank you so much for letting me be your father.

To all Others

Here I would like to thank everyone who deserves an own section but then the mail would be extremely long.

A special thanks goes to my brother. He played and plays an important role in my life. We grew up together and were best friends. We went through thick and thin together during kindergarten and sometimes even at school. Many thanks.

Many thanks also to my non core family like my aunts and uncles and my grandparents. We owe you so incredibly much. You have helped my wife and me a lot with the move to Germany. You have supported us so much in buying a house. Furthermore, the many small supports like clothes for Rebecca and the many small gifts were extremely helpful. Thanks a lot for your help.

I would also like to thank my family from Brazil. I had the luck to visit them in Brazil in 2018 and hope to do so again in 2021.

As well thank you to my former colleagues from Alfresco and Object. They have shaped me a lot and made me a better developer.

We have only recently started living in the beautiful city called Ludwigslust. Not far from us we have found a great young family with whom we like to spend time. They are kind people and loving parents. Thank you very much that you are here and that we can have you as friends.

At the very beginning I thanked God. I also want to thank God's church here in Ludwigslust. For me, the Landeskirchliche Gemeinschaft Ludwigslust (church community) is a valuable community with the goal of doing good and proclaiming God's word. Thank you very much for letting me be your member.


Gratitude is a great thing and makes life more beautiful. It creates a positive feeling for the person to whom the gratitude is directed and for the one who expresses it. I hope you liked this slightly different stem anyway. Write me what you are thankful for.

To the wonderful readers of this article I'm saying that feedback of any kind is welcome. In the future I will try to include a discussion and comment feature here. In the meantime, please feel free to send me feedback via my social media accounts such as Twitter or FaceBook. Thank you very much :).

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